Future of Energy Public tour

Sir Mark Walport

Government Chief Scientific Adviser

ASDC is delighted to announce a series of public lectures by Sir Mark Walport. These will be happening across the UK at the following Science and Discovery Centres:

Friday 25th September: Natural History Museum

Tuesday 3rd November: W5, Belfast

Tuesday 8th December: At-Bristol Science Centre

Monday 18th January: New Walk Museum, Leicester

Tuesday 9th February: Glasgow Science Centre

Thursday 7th April: Dynamic Earth

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on 'Communicating Climate Change'.

The Royal Society Report "Climate Change: Evidence and Causes"

Sir Mark Walport is the Chief Science Adviser to the UK Government. He has a background in immunology and now turns his attentions to the most pressing issue we face as a global society: our climate. In this evening talk he explores what the science tells us, and asks what should we, as a developed nation, do in response?

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