Hypatia: Expect Everything

Tackling Gender Inclusivity in STEM

At ASDC we are leading the UK involvement in Hypatia, a project across 14 European Countries funded by Horizon 2020. The project aims to kick start greater collaboration between teenagers, science centres, schools, researchers, gender experts, policy makers and industry partners, in order to effectively engage and encourage 13-18 year old teenagers with STEM learning and future careers.

The project encourages teenagers, regardless of gender, to value their own experiences and interests and reflect on the relevance of science within their lives.

Through this project we aim to build on the ongoing and excellent work in the UK that addresses the attitudes of science education professionals towards more gender-inclusive practices. We look towards a national strategy that can be adopted during teacher, science presenter or STEM ambassador training to ensure that we openly recognise our responsibilities for gender diversity and inclusion as science education professionals and inspirers of the next generation.

Find out more on The Hypatia website

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