Inside DNA: a Genomic Revolution

Identity; Crime; Ancestry; Evolution; Health; Drugs; Mutation; Development

Inside DNA is all about our health, our identity and our evolution. It is a unique exhibition aiming to engage the public in current and future UK-based human molecular genetics and genomics research, providing the tools to enable them to explore the issues that recent developments have raised.

Designed to provoke questions and stimulate debate, Inside DNA delves into ethical questions such as whether genetic testing will lead to discrimination, who will benefit most from genetic medicines, and the role of DNA databases. The exhibition is accompanied by associated learning and engagement programmes.

This exhibition is free to hire for The Association for Science and Discovery Centres members.
More details on the Inside DNA web site.

Inside DNA was developed by At-Bristol on behalf of The Association for Science and Discovery Centres with funding from the Wellcome Trust and support from the Sanger Institute.

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